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            What is the standard for the choice of oil remover for aluminum

            2020-03-01 08:40:43

            Choose liquid oil remover, weak alkaline, can have corrosion to aluminum, oil remover as far as possible does contain inorganic substances, especially can contain sodium nitrite, sodium silicate, sodium metasilicate, caustic soda, sodium fluoride, sodium chloride, containing chromium oxidants other inorganic substances.

            Such as non - ferrous metal cleaning agent, neutral oil agent, etc.

            How to choose anti-corrosion treatment agent after oil removal

            As a result of aluminium material is soft qualitative material, remove oil easy the grease that will immerse inside aluminium material gets rid of, so aluminium material anticorrosion treatment should choose to have the passivation agent that removes oil function oxidant, form colorless passivation film at the same time, remove grease thoroughly.

            Such as aluminum deoiling passivating agent, no chromium degreasing oxidation fluid.

            What are the standards for aluminum corrosion protection passivation primer?

            Has the function of removing oil stains.

            For environmental protection products, can contain chromium ion (including chromium trivalent) can contain other heavy metals strong oxidants, such as nickel, copper, lead, nitric acid.

            (3) can affect the use of organic corrosion inhibitor for corrosion resistance, such as silicate, sodium benzoate, sodium nitrite, emulsion wax, emulsion oil, etc.

            (4) after the passivation of the film layer is colorless transparent film, in the required time aluminum surface can have white rust black rust spots.

            (5) can be used aluminum violent reaction of acidic substances, such as fluoride.

            As long as the above conditions are met, which solution can be used, the choice of environmental protection, low-cost, room temperature treatment of the solution is excellent, you can through the Internet to qualified products for testing screening.


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