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            The second time when the door window replacement of the most comprehensive skills

            2020-03-01 08:20:29

            First identify the doors Windows that need to be replaced

            If fund is abundant, the proposal is to be able to replace all door window entirely, such style can compare unified, more beautiful. If capital is a bit a bit tight, also can change part: enter door if quality is good, need to change door window only can, indoor door window also according to circumstance decide.

            Know the material of doors Windows

            The door window on the market at present, basically have: wood door window, model steel window, aluminium alloy door window, broken bridge aluminium alloy door window, system door window, the product of these a few kinds of material pledge. Different material will have different advantages disadvantages, the price is also different. Owners can choose the most suitable doors Windows according to their own needs. But no matter choose which kind of door window, go to compare in the market of normal building materials purchase, of course roadside inn also is ok, want to notice to want to have a good reputation better nevertheless, the shop of longer management time undertakes buying.

            General process of door window replacement

            (1) property consulting: at present, there are many community property, for the community facade image has requirements, do allow the owner to change the door window material, shape, color, etc. Therefore, before the replacement, first consult the property can be replaced.

            (2), door window manufacturer door-to-door measurement: after choosing the right manufacturer, generally there will be measurement personnel door-to-door field measurement, will be in a week so according to your requirements out of a good plan.

            (3), old door window dismantles: the old door window that tear down is in a hurry to throw away oh, it can depreciate, remain a sum of money for you!

            General process of demolishing doors Windows

            One: remove door window fan first

            Two: open window frame

            Three: clean repair door window aperture

            Note: avoid damage to wall structure: sledgehammers should be avoided when removing doors Windows


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