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            The bigger the door window, the cooler it will be

            2020-03-02 13:45:28

            A lot of people think hot summer, Windows doors to open to cool, but it is . During the day, the air outside is hot, the Windows doors open so that sunlight heat radiation sneak in with bursts of hot air, making the inside as hot as the outside. If be in morning evening cool when open door window ventilated, let air circulate, in the day especially at noon door window close, in order to insulate the invasion of outdoor hot air, draw light color curtain to block sunshine, reflex heat radiate, can let indoor become cooler.

            Function of doors Windows

            A, door window is different according to the position that its place divides into enclosures component partition component, have different design requirement. To have heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, fire prevention, energy saving other functions. The heat that cold area loses by window aperture, the 25% that accounts for total heating consumes quantity of heat so. The requirement of door window close sex, it is the important content in energy-saving design. Doors Windows are important components of building envelope system.

            Two, aluminium alloy door window is the balcony that the balcony of tall building encloses is qualitative, the design shape of aluminium alloy door window seals the balcony, dimension, scale, arrange, colour, modelling to the integral modelling outside building of small area wants very big influence.

            Three, at present in nanchang home decoration aluminum alloy doors Windows configuration of double insulating glass, in addition to enhance the effect of heat preservation, but also sound insulation performance, such as the development of subway project in the city, viaduct fast loop, car tire noise.

            We can do it at another Angle to make it cooler in summer!

            One, the advantage of open window is open area is big, ventilated good, sealing property is good, sound insulation, heat preservation, impermeability is fine. The window that opens type wipes in is convenient; The outer open does take up space when it is opened. This is a kind of aluminum-clad wood, aluminum-alloy, model steel window that appears later.

            Two, flat open hanging window is a new form developed on the basis of flat Windows. It can be opened in two ways, either flat pushed the top. When flat open window closes, pull the upper part of the window inward, can open the aperture of a 100mm left right sides, that is to say, the window can open a bit above, the part that opens is hanged in the air, wait with window frame connection through hinge is fixed, call accordingly top hang type. Its advantage is: already can ventilated, can assure safety again, because have hinge, the window can open 10 centimeters of seam only, reach outside hand to come in, suit to be used especially in the home alone.

            In addition, you can customize the aluminum clad wood, broken bridge aluminum alloy, plastic steel Windows other types of Windows.

            Three, Europe type to open a window Europe type to open a window to use Europe type style to undertake decorating door window namely. According to different regional culture can be divided into northern Europe, Jane Europe traditional European. Its idyllic style, which prevailed in Europe in the 17th century, emphasized linear fluid changes was richly colored. It is based on romanticism in form, decorate material commonly used marble, colorful fabric, exquisite carpet, delicate French wall is hanged, whole style is luxurious, richly, be full of strong move feeling effect. Another kind is rococo style, its love decorates with lively slender curve, the effect is elegant, cordial, the royal nobility of Europe is partial to this style. This needs to undertake tie-in adornment with the integral style of the home.

            Four, the balcony courtyard afforests, plant a tree to plant a flower, only have very high ornamental value, have the effect that adjusts microclimate, can make air is pure fresh, cool pleasant. Because green plants can both shade, through the evaporation of water to achieve cooling effect. Have data to show, plant a few flowers plants in courtyard balcony, can make indoor drop temperature 2℃ ~ 4℃.

            Five, indoor with wet mop cloth wipe the ground, open ceiling fan to make the ground water evaporation heat; You can also put a bowl of cold water in front of the fan turn on the fan to let the water evaporate out of the cool air. This can play the role of reducing room temperature.


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