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            Diamond mesh stainless steel window screen, whose effect is better?

            2020-03-02 09:45:30

            On the window of most family total little gauze window, especially to mosquito much summer, had gauze window to be able to be at ease many. The window screen material that everybody is familiar with is stainless steel commonly, but now popular a kind of diamond net window screen, relative to stainless steel window screen for each respect ability wants a few stronger, suit the resident of high-rise village very much.

            What advantage does diamond window have compared with stainless steel?

            Above all we say common stainless steel screen window, general stainless steel window is more fine, soft, can fix on window frame with layered directly, install change very convenient, the effect that prevent mosquito is good also. But very easy to break, the service life is too short.

            stainless steel window screen is different, diamond window is made by thick metal wire, hardness strength are very high, do have to worry about deformation basically.

            In addition, diamond window also has the following advantages:

            1. Better anti-insect anti-theft effect

            Diamond mesh window screen can only prevent mosquitoes, the wire diameter is very thick, the net surface is hard to destroy with external force, to remove the window screen can only be opened the inside with a key, so the anti-theft effect is very good.

            2. Longer service life

            Previously we mentioned that the diamond window is made of wire, high hardness; Plus the surface after pit corrosion treatment, life is generally in 10 ~20 years so, the life of stainless steel screen even less than 2 years, there is no comparability between the two.

            3, safety protection, to prevent high fall

            Mesh screen screen window screen height chimera, while stuck in the window frame, only with the key to open remove, so it can effectively prevent children fall.

            4. Later cleaning is convenient

            No matter be used for indoor outdoor, diamond window is easy to absorb ash, do need to often replace clean, stainless steel window screen is different, each cleaning needs to spend a lot of time, often need to replace.


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