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            What kind of material is good for the bathroom door

            2020-03-02 09:45:11

            Toilet is the area that compares damp in the home, ventilated also is a few poorer relatively, so the door of toilet is different also when choosing the door of other room. Want solid wear-resisting already, still should have good moistureproof sex privacy sex at the same time. So what kind of material is good for the bathroom door? How to maintain when using?

            1. Wooden doors

            The real wood door surface that USES in toilet is dealt with through paint film, only material is hard, waterproof is stronger, although resisting pressure sex waterproof are inferior to aluminium golden gate, but the advantage of real wood door is simple sense is good, adornment effect is strong.

            2. Plastic steel door

            The price of model steel door is cheap, general a few dozen can buy, waterproof is strong, but because the view of model steel door is common effect is bad, class is a bit inferior, service life is long, because this does apply the home that decorates meticulously is installed, in a few small restaurant on the street often can see its shadow.

            3, aluminum door

            Aluminum door waterproof performance is strong, anti - deformation ability is also strong. Make it the form of sliding door, suit toilet to use very much. But the exterior of aluminium alloy door the door of the bedroom still can have difference, because this if decorate in the home Chinese style style Europe type the toilet of style does suggest to use aluminium alloy door. If must use aluminium alloy door, consider as far as possible with the color of bedroom door consistent, let integral so more harmonious.

            Glass doors

            Toilet USES vitreous door, it is at present more common, especially period is in contracted style home outfit, can see its shadow more, vitreous door only have waterproof, still can have better beautiful effect.

            How does the door of toilet maintain service life longer

            1. The installation process should be in place

            If the toilet in the home chooses the door of woodiness, when installing, should be in woodiness door surface gouge to hit a hole, undertake sealing edge sealing gum even, such ability rises very good moistureproof waterproof, the wooden door that chooses brand, such meeting is more at ease.

            2. Backside protection is very important

            When choosing bathroom wooden door, see next wood door back whether to use double adornment to stick a face even, because only the base material of such wooden door just won't be exposed outside, had the effect of moistureproof moistureproof, also can prolong the service life of wooden door at the same time.

            3. Internal space cannot be ignored

            Some friends can discover after bathroom wooden door is used, can appear the phenomenon of deformation. Actually this is because at ordinary times after bathing, the steam inside the bathroom condenses on the wooden door to be affected with damp to cause. So when wooden door is being used, must pay attention to maintain this, after bath as far as possible wipe with dry cloth try. Keep the toilet ventilated.


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