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            Aluminium alloy opens a window with this 4 strong crush other Windows

            2020-03-03 09:25:38

            As the living standard rises ceaselessly, the requirement that people decorates to household also is more more tall, aluminium alloy is the advocate material of door window, the aluminium alloy window that makes this has very big advantage on the market. Flat open type is the main way to open aluminum alloy window, aluminum alloy window is practical, its appearance is beautiful. Next, let us see together l aluminum alloy flat window advantages what it has.

            1. Various opening methods

            What say more now is the window that go up hang inside open inside pour, also be a few kinds that apply more extensively, have full high-grade feeling only, still have full sense of security.

            2, generous appropriate beautiful

            Perhaps compare to push-pull window character, aluminium alloy opens a window advantage to be able to occupy a place relatively some, if choose to open outward, did have such anguish. Every time the window seems to have a "face to the sea, spring flowers bloom".

            General a little big family home can choose level open a window, deserve to go up generous the wooden grain frame that suits oneself colour again, that kind of high-grade feeling comes out naturally.

            3, the window screen is the same useful

            In the impression of a lot of people, seem to imprint in the mind, it is to push pull a window to match gauze net to be able to appear particularly harmonious. Of course, push-pull window gauze an organic whole harmonizes feeling that is self-evident, but aluminium alloy opens a window the advantage also is inferior to its. Same it is to prevent mosquito, safety, ventilated guard against theft again, the advantage that opens a window to screen adequately also appears.

            4. It's important to choose the right accessories

            Accessory problem is always very valued, accessories determine the advantages of aluminum alloy flat window life, sealant, seal strip, holding hands, glass, diamond net, sliding support other mutually related. Every detail should be carefully selected.

            Aluminum alloy flat window practical, its appearance is beautiful. Aluminium alloy opens a window advantage to have a lot of, tie-in gauze, more can effectively prevent mosquito, ventilated guard against theft again, aluminium alloy opens a window enough to let you be moved?


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