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            Overcome the difficult problem of extracting alumina fly ash

            2020-03-09 09:45:06

            According to the evaluation of the expert group, the extraction of alumina fly ash is a worldwide problem, there is no precedent for reference at home abroad. This project has broken through the traditional ideas of fly ash utilization, independently developed the "pre-desilication -- soda lime sintering method" fly ash extraction alumina polygeneration technology, built put into operation the world's first fly ash annual output of 200,000 tons of alumina polygeneration demonstration production line, has been running continuously for 6 years.

            The project takes the extraction of alumina high-alumina fly ash as the core, has successively developed more than ten upstream downstream products such as metallurgical grade alumina, aluminum hydroxide, metal aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, aluminum alloy wheel hub, etc., forming a circular economic industrial chain of high-alumina fly ash -- alumina -- electrolytic aluminum -- aluminum alloy its products-silicon-calcium by-products for further processing.

            China is a major producer consumer of aluminum in the world. At present, the output of alumina electrolytic aluminum both exceeds 50% of the world's total. China's proven reserves of high-alumina coal amount to 31.9 billion tons, among which the reserves of high-alumina coal ash amount to more than 9 billion tons, which can extend the guarantee life of China's aluminum resources by 50 to 60 years.


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