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            Description of process flow chart of aluminum profile production

            2020-03-09 09:25:58

            We know that aluminum alloy building profiles are divided into substrate, anodic oxidation profiles, current paint profiles, powder spray profiles, fluorocarbon paint spray profiles, thermal insulation profiles, plastic injection insulation profiles so on. Engaged in the aluminum profile industry for nearly 20 years, always someone will ask me about how the aluminum profile is produced? What is the relationship between the various aluminum profiles? Now I will use a diagram to illustrate the production process of aluminum profiles, the relationship between the profiles.

            1, the production of aluminum profile is the extrusion material, the round cast ingots through extrusion into the profile is the shape of the change. For the manufacturer, if the extrusion material production means that the product has completed more than half, the following process is easy, you can tell the customer specific delivery time.

            2. Oxidized profiles electrophoretic profiles are produced in the same workshop. Oxidized profile is the substrate after oxidation for hole sealing treatment; the electrophoretic profile is the substrate through oxidation after the electrophoretic treatment, then curing. The inner layer of the electrophoretic profiles is oxide film the outer layer is electrophoretic paint film.

            3. Oxidized electrophoretic profiles can be treated with without coloring.

            4. Powder spraying passivation film of fluorocarbon profiles of our company are completed by chromium-free passivation process free of heavy metal chromium.

            5. Electrophoresis, powder spraying, fluorocarbon paint spraying three-dimensional wood grain spraying products shall be cured.

            6. Wood grain transfer printing can be carried out on the surface of electrophoresis, powder spraying fluorocarbon profiles. The most common is powder coated wood grain transfer printing, fluorocarbon wood grain transfer printing I have seen the sample.

            7, the heat insulation profile of the single profile can be oxidation, electrophoresis, spraying, fluorocarbon, wood grain other treatment. There is no requirement for the surface treatment of strip-through heat-insulating profiles, the production process is the same; Injection type heat insulation profile can increase the tooth technology, tooth is mainly for electrophoresis, fluorocarbon profile.


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