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            What can "with aluminum section copper" bring

            2020-03-10 10:50:01

            In the application of "saving copper with aluminum" in the power industry, China's copper-aluminum composite material technology innovation has made great breakthroughs, only won the second prize of national technology invention, the proposed "copper-aluminum composite conductive flat bar standard" has recently been recognized by international organizations, become the international standard in the field of nonferrous metal materials.

            The world's first to achieve mass production

            Cu-al composite is a new kind of layered composite developed in recent years in electric power industrial electrical industry. It is a kind of high performance composite conductor. Copper-aluminum composite material is mainly composed of aluminum core copper cladding layer, has the characteristics of excellent copper conductivity, good corrosion resistance low cost light weight of aluminum. When used for high frequency conductor, high current conductive bar so on, its conductivity is almost the same as that of pure copper conductor.

            Although the advantages of materials are obvious, there is no international method of mass production. In order to overcome the technical difficulties of cu-al composite materials, the research development of technology equipment for producing cu-al composite conductor materials by horizontal continuous casting method was started.

            " the laboratory research results of the university of science technology, six years of innovative research development, to achieve today's industrial scale production. Formed a complete set of copper aluminum horizontal continuous casting production processing technology a full set of high-end composite metal material production processing equipment.

            On the one hand, it needs a large amount of investment, on the other hand, the cooling control of bimetal composite casting process has become an important bottleneck problem for the control of product quality uniformity consistency. "At this time, we could only grasp the netter finally break through the core cooling control problem of bimetal composite casting. At the end of 2013, the development application project of high-performance copper-aluminum composite electric flat emission series products passed the national certification became the first technology at home abroad.

            "Our technology enables the large-scale application of copper aluminum composite electric flat discharge, overcomes the disadvantages of long production process, low yield, high production cost inability to produce in large quantities. In the past, in the production of copper aluminum composite platoon, only the European hydrostatic extrusion method can produce good quality, meet the use of the requirements of the product, other technologies products quality can meet the requirements of industrial large-scale application, the product pass rate is very low.

            The hydrostatic extrusion method of British BRUKER company can only achieve the small batch production of copper aluminum composite materials, cannot be industrialized on a large scale. Besides, the technology technology are complex, the rate of completion is low, the cost is high. The products have been only used in the high-end market, cannot meet the huge demand of the civilian conventional market. China's first direct forming technology of continuous casting of copper aluminum composite materials is only half the cost of the hydrostatic extrusion method.

            We will break the bottleneck of industrial transformation upgrading

            Replacing a part of copper with low-priced low-density aluminum to form copper-aluminum composite materials for power transmission industrial electrical conductor materials is a hot topic of research development at home abroad. For example, eurostar's electric train system USES a copper-aluminum composite to reduce the weight of the train. In the 1990s copper aluminium flatliners were used on high-speed ferries; In recent years, low-voltage switchgear sets also use copper aluminum composite flat row to reduce costs.

            "Copper resources in the power industry use a large amount of copper, so the development of copper aluminum composite conductor materials, to achieve copper saving, is an important way to save copper resources, is one of the national mid - long-term development plan to support the development of new materials technology research development direction.

            In recent years, due to the strong demand, the development application of copper - aluminum composite flat - strip has been paid more more attention. The products produced by bushing drawing copper tube pouring aluminum method have also obtained a few applications in some electric power fields. However, due to the low interface bonding strength of products produced by bushing drawing other methods, it is easy to produce separation bulge in the processing process, the product quality is uneven, which cannot meet the requirements of the transformation upgrading of related industries.

            Now, after years of research innovation, the application of copper-aluminum composite material technology in power industry has achieved initial results. "The direct forming technology of high performance copper-aluminum composite continuous casting is an internationally advanced copper-aluminum composite preparation technology with short technological process, high degree of automation high production efficiency. Compared with the existing copper, the use of copper aluminum composite electric flat can save copper 65% to 80%, with light weight, convenient transportation installation, saving copper resources, low cost, high conductivity.

            At the beginning of the design of pure copper, there is a considerable design margin, so the current carrying capacity of copper aluminum products does need to reach 100% of the pure copper, even if the use of copper aluminum products such as cross-sectional area replacement can fully meet the use requirements. Taking the circuit breaker as an example, under the requirement of equipment performance, if the equal cross-sectional area is replaced, the copper can be reduced by 55% by weight.

            In addition to saving copper, copper - aluminum composites have two major benefits in the field of electricity applications: lightweight, low-cost. In the cost of kilowatt-hour traditional energy is dominant, for new energy enterprises. The copper aluminum composite materials with higher cost performance better performance undoubtedly bring good news to the new energy enterprises enhance their competitiveness.

            Another major application of copper - aluminum composites is in the field of traditional power transmission distribution. "It's about the future of conductor technology is going. Power grid construction is a key investment area of the state. Our technology can only significantly reduce the material cost of transmission distribution conductors under the premise of ensuring both performance operation safety, but also reduce the dependence on copper resources, which solves the big problems faced by the power industry.

            "Due to the obvious comprehensive advantages, the popularization application of copper aluminum composite material + material will improve the international competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing enterprises help improve the quality efficiency of the industry, including electric power equipment, industrial electrical appliances other industries.

            The domestic market is struggling

            In the power industry "with aluminum section copper", there must be two premises, one is to be technically feasible, the other is to be safe reliable. "While it is significant to develop research copper-aluminium composites, it is all talk if the normal operation of electricity products is guaranteed."


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