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            Introduction of anodized aluminum profiles

            2020-03-12 11:35:33

            The process in which aluminum aluminum alloy products are placed in the electrolyte solution as the anode, the aluminum oxide film is formed on the surface by electrolysis, is called the anodic oxidation treatment of aluminum aluminum alloy. The commonly used method is direct current anodic oxidation of sulfuric acid.

            Process: surface pretreatment - anodic oxidation - boiling water sealing hole

            Principle of electrolytic coloring:

            The method by which the metal ions in the electrolytic solution are deposited at the bottom of the pores of the film the film is colored is called the electrolytic coloring method the secondary electrolysis method.

            Process: surface pretreatment - direct current sulfuric acid anodizing - electrolytic coloring - boiling water sealing electrophoretic coating.

            Anodized aluminum profile can effectively protect the material erosion, anti-static, no dust easy to clean; Fire prevention, with excellent heat dissipation; Light weight, only one third of the specific gravity of stainless steel. Appearance is characterized by super metal texture, high-grade, beautiful, shiny; Uniform color, fadeless; No fingerprints left after touch; Anodic oxidation process surface never fall off, especially suitable for home use.

            1.1 update of anodic oxidation pretreatment process

            The purpose of anodic oxidation pretreatment is to remove the natural oxide film, grease impurities on the surface, to obtain a uniform clean aluminum surface, which is conducive to the formation of high quality anodic oxide film. Our users also require the removal of extruded stripes to obtain a uniform aesthetic surface. The early use of alkali etching method to obtain the matte surface, but the excessive erosion of aluminum loss is large, generally up to 3% ~ 5.5%, only increase the cost, but also cause serious environmental problems, the formation of matte surface with the exposure of the profile itself inherent tissue defects.


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